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We are a Nigerian based Oil & Gas company with our Head office located in Ogba Lagos. We specialise in the sales and supplies of oil and gas Machines and Equipment

Our Focus is on delivering Quality Performance and ensuring that completed projects operate reliably and efficiently into the future

Our Vision is to be the leading brand in the oil and gas industry with a focus on renewable energy.

Axa Oil & Gas Limited started Business in August of 2008 and we market the best brands in the industry.

Our Services

Oil drilling

Oil drilling and exploration equipments

Pumping Machines

pumping machines.

Harzadous Area Electrical Equipments



Casing and pipe stacking and handling equipments.

Oil and Gas rig

Pumps, slush, oil and gas rig.

Cranes and lifting equipments

Cranes and lifting equipments.

Gauges and Meters

Gauges and Meters.

Valves, Actuators & Regulators

Valves, actuators and regulators.


Several other equipment and machines.

Machines & Equipment

Our Equipment are designed and fabricated to withstand the most severe pressure and temperature conditions that are associated with corrosion and hydrogen attacks. Most of our machines are built to specification for the oil & gas industry, refinery and petrochemical plants. Due to the continuous improvement required for higher productivity of refineries and petrochemical plants, the thickness, diameter and weight of reactors and vessels have increased drastically and reached the limits of the current manufacturing technology.

Petroleum and Petroleum Products

We act as brokers to sellers and buyers of crude oil. We operate with buyers that own, run and operates refineries as their final destination for all crude oil purchased. Our shipping arrangements are always centred on either CIF or FOB agreement as covered by International Law. Our customers’ interest are always our highest priority. We work closely with the best Lawyers in the industry. All SPA, MOU, Freight Agreement etc are usually handled by such lawyers. We also market wide ranges of refined petroleum products like Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, Jet Fuel, Lubricant oil, Motor Oil etc. We work closely with owners of Fuel Depots and Tank Farms for Purchase, Shipment and storage of such products.

Upstream and Downstream

There are strategic plans in place for us to cement our position in the Upstream and Downstream sectors of the industry. Acquisition of Oil Mining and Drilling licence, Prospecting, Exploration and Development in the Petroleum sector is paramount in our plans. “Where others are brave, we are Shy; But where others are Scared, we are Brave.” In these days of volatility in the Oil & Gas sector, we have made bold steps in our efforts to acquire our own Crude Exploration Licence. With very skilful manpower, our development in this area is nothing short of success.

Machinery, Industrial Equipment and Heavy Duties

The Designs, Building and Transportation of Heavy Equipment are no mean task. Therefore, careful planning and execution of Agreements are vital to us in this industry. Our long and successful operational experiences in the industry in delivering key brands of Heavy Duty Machines and Equipment across the world has positioned us as a market leader. We cover almost all the range of oil and gas components and models required for Upstream, Midstream and Downstream work. Due to the continuous improvement required for higher productivity of refineries and petrol-chemical plants; the thickness, diameter and weight of reactors and vessels have increased drastically and reached the limits of the current manufacturing technology.

Ships and Aircraft

We have positioned our company in the industry to meet the increasing demands for Jet Fuel and aircraft spare parts. Our company also works closely with Vessel Owners carrying out Marine Transportation and Ship Lease to assist us in the smooth operation of the company.

Mining, Construction and Civil Engineering Machineries

All range of machineries listed and needed in Civil Engineering work are marketed by us. There is no denying the fact that where there is exploration there is mining; where there mining there is machineries; where there is machineries there is construction; and where there is construction there is civil engineering!.

Renewable Energies

The world today is fast moving towards Clean, Safe and Renewable Energy. Global warming is a topical issue today and a lot of countries around the world are cutting the use of Fossil fuel by at least 20% by the year 2030. Findings show that the increased use of renewable energy could save 4 million lives yearly. Leading Oil & Gas companies like Shell and BP are fast embracing this technology that is the future of the Oil and Gas Industry. In our Synergy to diversify and strategize for the future, we have positioned ourselves to embrace this technology. We are currently investing in the research and development of Hydropower, Solar and Wind Energy. Hydropower are run of river water; Solar are panels and Wind Energy are turbines. These are the important energy source for the future. .